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Friday, 23 December 2011

mid sem break!!

Assalamualaikum wbt and happy evening peeps!!
How is your day today?? Everything works well??haaaa….today…23/12/2011 is the happiest day to most of all UiTM student minus the degree since they are going to face their final exam this upcoming January…waaaa…its mid sem break already for all the diplomalians and pre!!!really need a holiday..eyeeaaahhh!!!waaa….and the most important thing is.. the year of 2011 is leaving us soon, and the year of 2012 will knock us at 1 January sharply…haaa…there is so much memories I’ve get this year, good and bad all mixed up, wishing that all will be compact and become one, the thing we used to call EXPERIENCE..haaa….my wish for the upcoming year??hope I can create more good memories, wishing for a more and a lot of good opportunity to come to us and last but not least, I want to make sure that my study is good so I can achieve my dream…amin..hmmm…
wanna know..I’m missing my gangsterlicious members so muchie muchie right now..huhu.. Izzah, Ika, Pika, Anne, Meena, Ewa, Fatya, Eyna, and the only guy, Wazlan, I MISS THEM SO MUCH!!!huhuhu…hope all of you are doing fine this holiday k my dear…lets enjoy our holidays with assignment!!hahaha..kidding k.. take care all of you k.. I want to see all of you in a sharp condition after break…heeee…=D =P
till then..good night and have a nice day peeps!!
p/s:hohohoho…merry Christmas to all my Christian friends..have a nice holiday and Christmas k…=D

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