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Thursday, 22 December 2011

it haunting me..

Assalamualaikum wbt and good evening!!!
Hey there…how is your day today??wondeful??marvelous??sad??happy??emotionless??haaaa….so many emotions that we could use in our daily life..hmmm..there is something that I just wanna share..I know, its kinda personal, but WHO CARES?? Since this is my blog, so I have my right to post anything that I like or something I want to say such as confession..hmm…yes.. I want to made a confession..I don’t know whether this particular person would read or not.. but I still want to post it since it keep bothering me a lot right now..huhuhu…

Dear you,
I’m missing you too bad.. It keeps bothering me..even when I’m at class..Its crazy.. even when I was doing my assignment, I keep on thinking of you..huuu…what should I tell you??how much I miss you??how much I wish you were here near me?? I tried so much to erases you away from me..but still…I will always find you in my heart, my mind and my soul…huhuhu… and the thing that keep me thinking of you is… when I look at your old messages and present that you give to me…arghhh!! Its bring back the old good memory..huhuhu..I know…that’s the biggest wall from me to forget you…I MISS THE OLD YOU… I miss the way you used to talk to me, the way we used to spent time together, the way you used to make me laugh… sometimes I wish I could go back to those times, where the good memories are held close..huhuhu.. Its hurt just to knowing that you are not the same person that I used to know years ago..huhuhu..why…I never expect that all of this will happen in a short time..huhuhu..I know..someday..I will leave you..I know, that day will come.. but I don’t want it to happen right now..huhuhu… for now, I’m  just trying to give myself a self-motivation to keep on believing you until that one fine day, when I’ll be leaving you for your own goods.. That day will come. I know it will.. It just that, you’re still overshadowing me.. You are still the one that can made me so eager, you are still the one that can make me laugh or smile without no reason and the most important is.. You’re still the one that can make me cried when I’m thinking of you..huhuhu..for now, I’m sending my best wishes for you, just hoping that you’re always fine and you will achieve all of your dreams/goals..
Till take a good care of yourself..

p/s: the summon are already settled..but still..this kind of personal feeling problem will always haunted me..huhu..

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