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Friday, 30 December 2011

let the time heal me..

Assalam and hi there peeps!!!
hey..its the last day of december..wah...the time never show us any mercy..its goes on and on without looking back..while for us..personally me, always looking back,and to get that best,past moment again..ahhh..let the time heal me..I won't heal fast,but I will try..thats the keypoint to maintain myself happy..sometimes, I like it when I have something such as assignments to keep me busy, thats keep me thinking straight to what I should do..and as for that 'problem',I will think about it later, but still don't worry, I AM FINE...heee...I still can smile, I still can laugh..and when the time comes, with Allah wills, everything will be for now..I just want to post some lyrics,the song is currently my blog song, its title is "KESEDIHANKU" by ex-vocalist of kerispatih band, Sammy...I heard this song from FUHH programme since it was the last episodes for that programme..actually I'm not really into the programme, but I'm waiting for the song title..hahaha..I never actually see that programme, but because of the song, I watch it..haha..before that, I already tried my best to check the song at youtube,but yes..its sound silly looking for a song without knowing the lyrics..hahaha..and I end up..nothing..haha...if I end up with something, I don't watch that programme..but still, I've manage to get the song, and make it my blog theme song..heee..I know, I'm kinda romantic song lover, and yes I admit it, I love to hear and sing romantic songs..its release my feeling sometimes..hehe..haaaaa...ok..without any blablablabla from me,this are the lyrics for the song,enjoy it k..=)

sepinya hari yang ku lewati
tanpa ada dirimu menemani
sunyi ku rasa dalam hidupku
tak mampu aku tuk melangkah

masih ku ingat indah senyummu
yang selalu membuatku mengenangmu
terbawa aku dalam sedihku
tak sadar kini kau tak di sini

engkau masih yang terindah
indah di dalam hatiku
mengapa kisah kita berakhir
yang seperti ini

masih ku ingat indah senyummu
yang selalu membuatku mengenangmu
terbawa aku dalam sedihku
tak sadar kini kau tak di sini

engkau masih yang terindah
indah di dalam hatiku
mengapa kisah kita berakhir
yang seperti ini
yang seperti ini

engkau masih yang terindah
indah di dalam hatiku
mengapa kisah kita berakhir
yang seperti ini

hampa kini yang ku rasa
menangis pun ku tak mampu
hanya sisa kenangan terindah
dan kesedihanku

fuhhh...the lyric...touch me..and yes..its almost make me cry..fuhh...I am so emotional..fuhhh...but nevermind..huhu..hmmm...
oh more thing...
welcome to the 19th army!!!
have a nice,blastful,blessful,extravaganza,and superb birthday!!!heee...hope you will achieve your dream k..heeee...and last but not least..TUA SUDA KAU!!!HAHAHA.. X3

HAHAHAHA...till then..have a blessful night peeps!!!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

accidentally or not...=| to start this conversation...hmmm...*teary eyes*
I don't know what to say to you anymore...
the only thing that i know..
you hurt me..
I know some of my fellow friends feel weird toward me..
since I've been changing to that some kind of quiet person..
if I could think any best reason for that..
its all because of YOU...
you are running away from me..
I don't know whether its happen accidentally or you are despise of me..
this question always play through my mind when I'm thinking of you..
what exactly you want from me??
why you run away from me??
are you expecting me to disappear??
if its so..
then just tell me..
and let me go...
since you keep quiet...
I can't see the vision of you have towards me..
what exactly happen right now??
it feels like nothing is right...
*sigh heavily*
i don't know..
what is going on between us..
I tried my best to never be suspicious to you..
but then...
you show me that I should be suspicious with you..
what is wrong with you??
If you don't need me anymore..
just say it..
I might feel hurt..
but atleast..
I can move on and try to forget all of those memories..
I can delete all your messages in my phone and say that I will move on..
and still,
I can be friend with you..
but now...
I can feel there is a great wall between us..
and the distance also too far for me to reach..
is this what you really want??
wanna know something??
I keep all your words...
and hoping you will keeping my words..
I won't lick back what I just spit off...
the moment I said that I'm gonna take care of you..
I really mean it..
I know..
as a human being..
I  committed wrong to you several times..
but try to understand this one little fact..
that you are also a human being..
we make mistake,and up to us whether to cover it back or just leave it there..
and yes I admit..
that I've hurt you with my words and my wrong doing..
and you grnat me a chance,and I grab it so I can make you see,
I try my best to be the best for you..
but right now..
I'm completely out of my mind and I don't know what to do..its seem like...
you don't need me anymore..
then all I ask is..
tell me that you're leaving..
thanks for everything..
I appreciate it..

Saturday, 24 December 2011

bad situation..=|

in what way..
a possible way..
that I can forget you??
teach me this please..
I really...really...really...
wanna know..
what want from me..
its hurt..
do you know how it feel??
do you know???
don't you remember??
I'll always held your hand when you're sorrow..
I'm the one who tried my best just to see your smile..
and I don't want to see any tears flow from your eyes..
even one drop..
can't you do that to me??
hard for you to understand??
don't you feel it??
don't you even thinking about my feelings toward you??
am I just a 'tissues' for you??
you used me when you're sad and throw me when you don't need me anymore??
is that it??
If you want to leave..
please..I beg you to just leave..
instead of you to keep on holding me from leaving you..
I know it won't be easy..
and I might fall if you leave me..
but atleast I can try to move on..
and said..
its all over..
and I can try to live my life without your present..
but now??
you keep on holding and holding..
are you satisfied to do that??
you like that very much??
have I ever done this to you??
if...if you ever know what I just feel..
I guess...
Allah answer my do'a just now..
if my presence for you..will only make you feel annoyed,sad etc etc..
I will go away from you..
thats the best thing I could do..
I'm sorry..
I'll never forget all that meaningful moment with you..
I won't forget..
I will always pray for your success..
and you will achieve every greatness in this world..

Friday, 23 December 2011

oh no...=(

huwaaaa....knapa ne??mcm xblh sudaa ku berpisah dri dorg suma ne..huhuhu...
hey zer..cuti seminggu jak pn..tpi..sayu ne hati ku..huhuhu..knp yaaa..huhuhu...mcm xku dpt bendung rindu ku sama dorg ne..huhuhu..aigooooo....
dgr laeee lagu 0330 ne,tmbh aku makin rindu sama no no..eyaa hnya cuti..hanya cuti...hmmm...terasa hidup ku sunyi tanpa sunshines, you make me happy when times are grey..huhu...hope kamu suma baik-baik saja...jaga diri kamu semua r..huhu..rindu kamu,rindu kamu,rindu kamu..huwaaa....this song make me broke into tears..huhuhu...

don't deny our r²π

my sunshine!!miss them much2...=(
 Izzah Syazana
Nur Syafiqah
Nur Syahfekah
Siti Aminah
Siti Nurfathiah Fatin
Nur Shazlin
Yuery Wazlan
p/s:hope our friendships lasts forever..insyaAllah..=')

another p/s: I don't forget my school friends, they are also my sunshine..=)

mid sem break!!

Assalamualaikum wbt and happy evening peeps!!
How is your day today?? Everything works well??haaaa….today…23/12/2011 is the happiest day to most of all UiTM student minus the degree since they are going to face their final exam this upcoming January…waaaa…its mid sem break already for all the diplomalians and pre!!!really need a holiday..eyeeaaahhh!!!waaa….and the most important thing is.. the year of 2011 is leaving us soon, and the year of 2012 will knock us at 1 January sharply…haaa…there is so much memories I’ve get this year, good and bad all mixed up, wishing that all will be compact and become one, the thing we used to call EXPERIENCE..haaa….my wish for the upcoming year??hope I can create more good memories, wishing for a more and a lot of good opportunity to come to us and last but not least, I want to make sure that my study is good so I can achieve my dream…amin..hmmm…
wanna know..I’m missing my gangsterlicious members so muchie muchie right now..huhu.. Izzah, Ika, Pika, Anne, Meena, Ewa, Fatya, Eyna, and the only guy, Wazlan, I MISS THEM SO MUCH!!!huhuhu…hope all of you are doing fine this holiday k my dear…lets enjoy our holidays with assignment!!hahaha..kidding k.. take care all of you k.. I want to see all of you in a sharp condition after break…heeee…=D =P
till then..good night and have a nice day peeps!!
p/s:hohohoho…merry Christmas to all my Christian friends..have a nice holiday and Christmas k…=D

Thursday, 22 December 2011

it haunting me..

Assalamualaikum wbt and good evening!!!
Hey there…how is your day today??wondeful??marvelous??sad??happy??emotionless??haaaa….so many emotions that we could use in our daily life..hmmm..there is something that I just wanna share..I know, its kinda personal, but WHO CARES?? Since this is my blog, so I have my right to post anything that I like or something I want to say such as confession..hmm…yes.. I want to made a confession..I don’t know whether this particular person would read or not.. but I still want to post it since it keep bothering me a lot right now..huhuhu…

Dear you,
I’m missing you too bad.. It keeps bothering me..even when I’m at class..Its crazy.. even when I was doing my assignment, I keep on thinking of you..huuu…what should I tell you??how much I miss you??how much I wish you were here near me?? I tried so much to erases you away from me..but still…I will always find you in my heart, my mind and my soul…huhuhu… and the thing that keep me thinking of you is… when I look at your old messages and present that you give to me…arghhh!! Its bring back the old good memory..huhuhu..I know…that’s the biggest wall from me to forget you…I MISS THE OLD YOU… I miss the way you used to talk to me, the way we used to spent time together, the way you used to make me laugh… sometimes I wish I could go back to those times, where the good memories are held close..huhuhu.. Its hurt just to knowing that you are not the same person that I used to know years ago..huhuhu..why…I never expect that all of this will happen in a short time..huhuhu..I know..someday..I will leave you..I know, that day will come.. but I don’t want it to happen right now..huhuhu… for now, I’m  just trying to give myself a self-motivation to keep on believing you until that one fine day, when I’ll be leaving you for your own goods.. That day will come. I know it will.. It just that, you’re still overshadowing me.. You are still the one that can made me so eager, you are still the one that can make me laugh or smile without no reason and the most important is.. You’re still the one that can make me cried when I’m thinking of you..huhuhu..for now, I’m sending my best wishes for you, just hoping that you’re always fine and you will achieve all of your dreams/goals..
Till take a good care of yourself..

p/s: the summon are already settled..but still..this kind of personal feeling problem will always haunted me..huhu..

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Assalamualaikum and happy evening peeps!!!how is your day??hope it was fun,wonderful and full of joy..haaa....SAD DAY...hmmm..everyone have their own sad day..yes..I have many...hmm..but yesterday..its seems like it was a sad day for us..hmm...certain of us...hmmm...its all begun when we are supposed to hand in our article to our lecturer for our assignment..I admit..I am not really into my article..and I guess I do some 'CINCAI' work..huhuhuhu...I'm sorry guys...I'm not giving my best..huhuhu..but now I try my best to search for a new article to replace the rejected article..huhuhu..I hope I can replace those trash work I've done..huhuhu..almost half an hour stuck there,I was preparing to go home and go to Karamusing police station to settle on my summon..huhuhu..I forgot to tell you, I was summon on the day that fall on 10/12/2011...huhuhu..sometimes I thought it was a dream for me..I wish it was...huhuhu..and yes..because of this STUPID summons I can't focus on almost everything that I had,especially study..huhuhu..the simple word, everything is 'CINCAI'..huhuhuhu..back to the story,hmm..the moment I walk to get on my car,I've called my mum,trying to tell her that I will be back,and yes..her tone annoyed me..I know she want all of this end as soon as possible..and so do I..but it just keep hurting me when she assumed like I don't care a thing of this summon..huhuhu...I get totally stress up that moment..I was like..."what is my life purpose right now??to get people in trouble??"huhuhuhu..yes..its hurt me deeply...and I drive totally reckless at that moment..huhuhu..the weather also signified my was heavily raining..just like a storm in my heart..huhuhu...I hope I can fix this things..because its keep driving me insane to keep on thinking of it...and make me forgot,that I have my own responsiblities as student..huhuhuhu...for now..I was only hoping for that bright day,where I could pass all of this obstacles and even if I look back, I will smile, because I already pass that day..huhuhu..come on zer...learn from the past..get up and face the positive!!!I can do it!!!ohh yeaaahhh!!!wooohoooooo!!! *Debang!!* woppss...I'm sorry...its already late at peeps,remember,the moment of sadness make us remember how meaningful is the moment of happiness...till then..have a nice and good dream peeps!!

even the clown have their own sadness..=')

Sunday, 11 December 2011


halllo there...
I'm sorry, not feeling well..
all I can say..
its totally hard for me today..
not feeling well and driving is not a good combination..
its totally take your attention on the road..
believe it or not..
but I nearly fall asleep while driving..
I know its insane..
even I don't believe what I just done..
but the best thing is...
I don't get angry easily..
I used to get angry when there are irresponsible people who drive more insanious than me..
and sometimes I used harsh words to describe them..
I admit, I have a totally bad temper..
but I try to tackle it day by day..
its never been easy for someone like me..
who had a bad temper to control their feeling..
especially when I get mad..
thats the hardest thing to do..
but with Allah's will,nothing is impossible..
so do pray for me,to become a good person..
and today I've got module in my lovely Uni,UiTM..
its sunday...
its time to rest..
but due to this compulsory module,we have to attend it..
I arrive a lil bit late since I woke up late..
thank Allah my mom wake me up..
if not..
I guess I need to repeat this module..
totally deppressing if I have to repeat again..
back to module..
its about how we will managing and organizing an event..
its totally fun..
especially when we come to a part,
where we will be the actor and the actress to do some 'sketsa' about the event we were about to organize..
especially the part when we doing jungle trekking,
they tour guide(Shazwan) bring all the contestant to see their environment,and he pointed at the other group and says something like, "ok adik2,ini adalah sekumpulan bayau" and the class burst into laugh,even our lecturer,Sir Muliyadi also laugh..heeee...
and when the other group present, the one who make us laugh is someone who don't talk too much in class,guess who??hehehe...its Rayvoney...hahaha..I admit,he is a good comedian eventhough he was one of the quietest person I ever met...hehehe..but yes..we are happy with our presentation..and after we've finished the module, we went to macdonald at 1Borneo...yup..we are totally two of us already reserve a table,so the rest went to buy their own desired MacD meal,and there is some unpleasant moment happen, when our table is taken by this one Old lady with her son/grandson..totally I was shocked at that time,and thinking,'when did this Old lady join our group?'I'm bad isn't it..hehe..but luckily,the other table also vacant,so we choose to move on the other table..we're still know how to respect 'warga emas' k..even we are totally naughty and act like a lil bit gangsters(since that what we are called..hehehe) but we still know how to respect someone who are we eat,talking,eat,laughing,eat,drink and eat until we finish..huaa...its time to get back..on the way to go back to UiTM,Yuery was changing the radio station since its suddenly play chinese song..hehehe..and when he change it to Hot.Fm,Ewa and Anne suddenly scream.Yui and I was like,'what happen??'guess what??they said..."AKIM!!!lagu akim!!"hahahaha...they scream like they see the real Akim infront of them..hahaha...Yui and I just laugh..and eventually Ewa said,"Mana Taw Ada JODOH.."hahaha...if there is,I will be the first one to congrats you ewa...hehehe..
then we get back to UiTM,we share too many things,but I won't say it here,since its totally personal to be said..hehehe..after I sent them,I just went straight to home..actually not straight enough since I stop by to Petronas to pump my tyre + fill my fuel...hehehe..but yes,I totally don't have enough mood to be mad at the road...hahaha...I just see straight, and wish I come home early since I know,my eyes is going to out of charge anytime..
huhuhuhu...while I'm doing this,I was like totally want to sleep..and yess...its raining..its make me wanna sleep...waaaaa..till the very next time...have a good night peepss...!!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

cara-cara d ambil kerja..=D

hey hey youuu....
ada kerja??
sllu apply kejaa tak??
asyik xdpt??
maw taw mcm mna nak dpt kerjaa??
saya ajar k...
jgn AJAR kt org k..
sbb mmg ne teknik rahsiaa taw..
ok da sdiaaa??
blaa nak isi borang tu kn..
korg jwb mcm ne k..

name: achoi
age: still young
sex: never..I'm still young..
religion: I only have experiance praying my cat which dead 2years ago
race: I love to race,how u know??
nationality: I don't like national,I like panasonic..
ic num: xxxx
tel. num: my house hve no telephone
hp num: nokia 5310
address: sanaaaaaa Ranau...
City: Nurhaliza??
postcode: I never post anything...I swear..
country: I love to go to London..
status: secret..
email/address: hotmail
Education background: my teacher said, not bad..
working experiance: last time I sell pirate vcd
father's name: Daddy
Ic Num: U ask him
mother's name: Momma
Ic num: U ask her
expected salary: as much as you can pay
when can start work: depends on my mood
highest qualification: very high
grade: also very high
college/University: college
signature: can I use chop??

anda d beri kerja d hospital sakit jiwa..

Monday, 5 December 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt dan slmt sjhtra to all my peeps...waaahhhh...agk straight yaaa ayt ku ne..hahaha...eyaaaa...aku jtuh cinta udaa nee...tpi lmaa da...smnjak aku trpndg diaa utk kli prtama,trus aku ter.........susah nk crita...heee...yg pnting...dia laa cinta ku skrg...uwaiiitzzzz....sepa laa tu kn..
diaaa ialah.......

heee....cintaa hatiku skrg..hahahaha..nsib laaa dia org x..msti dia jdi rebutan rmai d cne kn..hehehehe...aku suka sgt tgk muka diaa..especially bla dia snyum...waahhhhhh...caiirrrr akuuuu!!!ish3...sgt ensom..hahaha..
for those yg xtaw sepa dia..dia ne yg berlakon dlm sinetron 'Nada Cinta' sbagai Vito...perhhhhh...dia laaa yg bt aku maw tgk ja sinetron tu..aku xmaw tgk crita diaa..aku maw tgk diaa jak..hehehe..
ne aku sertakan serba sdkit tntg dia k..

Nama lengkap : Aditya Nuruliman Firmansyah
Nama popular : Aditya Firmansyah
 Nama panggilan : Adit
Tempat dan tanggal lahir : Bandung, 29 Mei 1988
Nama orangtua : Eddy Sudrajat dan Suliah
Hobi : Travelling,automotif dan Novel. (blh bawa tgk ombak rindu ne kn??=D)
Warna Favourite : Merah , Putih , Hitam , dan Hijau (alaaa..tiada biru..xpalaa...putih pn pujaan hati ku..=D)
Status : Single..(paling d sukai...sama laa kita...=P)
Artis Idola : Genghis Khan
All about Adit : Orangnya simple dan nggak suka yang aneh -aneh .Suka bercanda.. (bercanda??no wonder u have kind a babyface..awet muda...=D)
Makanan favourite : Yang penting enak dan bersih
Hal yang nggak disukai: Yang jorok - jorok
Musik Favourite : Jazz
Film Favourite : Film action (romantik??=D)

itu shja...sorry laaa loghat nya ada nada-nada seberang cket...sbb copy paste dri stu blog ne..mmndgkan itu jak yg ada info ttg diaa...hehehe.. yg pnting...ku bahagia!!!ehehehe... I *smurfs* u ADITYA FIRMANSYAH!!!

segak sunggoh.!!=D

 heeee...till then...good night everyone,good night my dear Adit,hope I meet u in my dream..=DD

Sunday, 4 December 2011

perubahan yang tak d inginkan..=(

Assalamualaikum dan slmt sjhtra utk teman-teman yg sudi membaca blog ini..huaaa...perubahan??semua org pasti berubah..tpi point yg pling pnting ialah..sama ada org tu brubah p sudut yg lbih +ve atau -ve..dan ntah knapa..aku mrasakan bhwa aku brubah ke arah -ve...huhuhu...aku xtaw laaa apa maw jdi dgn aku ne..huhuhu..kdg aku rsa prasaan -ve tu smakin menguasai diri aku sndiri..yes..i have quite a bad temper towards something..tpi aku dpt rsakan bhwa temper aku smakin mnjadi-jadi sjak kblakangan ne..huhu..dan aku smkin hilang fokus dgn hmpir semua apa yg aku miliki pn mcm trumbang-ambing jak..aku xtawlaaa...mgkin faktor tinggal luar mmbuat aku jdi mcm ne..apa tak..penat dri pagi ke petang,driving lgi..smpai rumah smmgnya da exhausted..perjalanan plaa dri ruma g UiTM lbih kurg stgh jam r,itu pn law jem..mmg teruk r...kdg2 tym mlm teda msa aku nak bt revision..sbb aku aku stay out lbih dri jam 12,mmg lewat aku r aku bgun esok nya..huhu..apalah nasib..huhuhu...dan mgkin juaa d sbbkan ini,aku rsa sgt stress and eventually it change my attitudes a lil bit..huhuhu..kdg aku rsa ksong msa study..mcm aku xtaw apa yg aku bljr..hilang fokus...huhuhu..aku tkut maw mengakuinyaa..tpi smmgnya aku hilang fokus skrg..huhuhuhu..harap-harap keadaan akan kmbali pulih sprti sedia kala..huhuhu..

Ya Allah..berilah aku kekuatan Ya Allah..smmgnya aku hnya insan hina yg mnumpang d dunia fana ini..cepat atau lambat aku pasti akn pergi bertemuMu..nmun berilah aku peluang,berilah aku ksempatan,berilah aku ketenangan,dan izinkan aku mencapai cita-citaku sblum aku pergi bertemu Mu ya Rabb..berilah aku kesempatan utk mengukir senyuman d wajah kedua org tuaku sbelum aku pergi meninggalkan mereka utk selamanya..permudahkan laa urusan ku ya Rabb..amin..=')

Saturday, 3 December 2011

takdir Allah..=(

Assalamualaikum wbt..
dan slmt mlm semuaa..
siapa sngkaa..
tarikh aku khilangan seorg teman/abang/senior msa kt SMKP dulu..
smmgnyaa aku tak menduga..
nmun semua ini sudaa tertulis d tgn takdir..
dia tlh pergi utk slamanyaa..
msaa tu aku tgh tgk wyg dgn mum aku..
and suddenly..
I receive a text message from one of my junior..
telling me that he's gone..
totally shock tym tu..
smpai aku rsa mcm nak berdiri trus dri tmpat dduk tu..
smmgnya aku trkejut..
nmun itu laaa suratan..
harus menerima dgn hati yg terbuka..
biarpun sedih..
nmun kta hrus relakan dia pergi..
siapa tahu..
mgkin slpas ini giliran kita..
buat arwah Ilham Illani..
smoga diri mu tnang d cna
d tempatkan d klgn org beriman..
sgala nasihat akn ku knang smpai bila2..

sekadar renungan kita bersama..

Friday, 2 December 2011

Lara Lagi. . .

Hanya sampai disini saja 
Kisah cinta kita berdua
Tiada daya selamanya 
Terhenti disini 
Biarku pujuk hati ini 
Merawat rinduku sendiri
Setelah aku kau lupai
Sedangkan kau tahu

Kasih aku hanyalah untukmu
Tiada lain dalam diriku 
Takkan berubah walau dipisah
Laut biru
Cinta aku hanyalah untukmu
Tak pernah goyah
Tak pernah jemu
Takkan terpadam dalam 
Hatiku yang milikmu
Mungkin sudah suratan kita
Terpisah sebegini saja
Pasti disuatu hari nantiku
Jejak bahgia...

Ulang chorus
Kasih aku hanyalah untukmu
Tiada lain dalam diriku
Takkan berubah walau dipisah
Laut biru
Cinta aku hanyalah untukmu
Tak pernah goyah
Tak pernah jemu
Takkan terpadam dalam 
Hatiku yang milikmu
Mungkin sudah suratan kita
Terpisah sebegini saja
Pasti disuatu hari nantiku
Jejak bahgia....

the song that make me nearly cried when we watch the movie 'Ombak Rindu'...
the words totally make me...
no words can describe..