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Saturday, 24 December 2011

bad situation..=|

in what way..
a possible way..
that I can forget you??
teach me this please..
I really...really...really...
wanna know..
what want from me..
its hurt..
do you know how it feel??
do you know???
don't you remember??
I'll always held your hand when you're sorrow..
I'm the one who tried my best just to see your smile..
and I don't want to see any tears flow from your eyes..
even one drop..
can't you do that to me??
hard for you to understand??
don't you feel it??
don't you even thinking about my feelings toward you??
am I just a 'tissues' for you??
you used me when you're sad and throw me when you don't need me anymore??
is that it??
If you want to leave..
please..I beg you to just leave..
instead of you to keep on holding me from leaving you..
I know it won't be easy..
and I might fall if you leave me..
but atleast I can try to move on..
and said..
its all over..
and I can try to live my life without your present..
but now??
you keep on holding and holding..
are you satisfied to do that??
you like that very much??
have I ever done this to you??
if...if you ever know what I just feel..
I guess...
Allah answer my do'a just now..
if my presence for you..will only make you feel annoyed,sad etc etc..
I will go away from you..
thats the best thing I could do..
I'm sorry..
I'll never forget all that meaningful moment with you..
I won't forget..
I will always pray for your success..
and you will achieve every greatness in this world..

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