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Monday, 30 January 2012


Assalam and hey there!!its been awhile..err...I think what I'm gonna post right now is, I'm gonna tell you a lil bit facts about me..not too much, just to reveal some of my side...or should I say..DARKER side???'ll be the, I just hope that everyone can accept the fact that I'm going to tell you, and yes, accept me just the way I was behaving..

#1. I'm a BAD-TEMPERED person..
yes...I am a bad tempered person..I get mad easily..and the worse is, sometimes I get mad without a reason..fuhh...but I'm gladly to say that, I don't get angry the way I used to angry before, such as punching the wall, punching the glass or punching everything nearer me except HUMAN.I'm avoiding it, but that doesn't mean I don't do it anymore..its just a matter that when I'm holding too much and no place to share whats on my mind, the wall will become my enemy and everything will be slammed to it..huhuhu...I'm bad isn't it..

#2 I am a PLAYFUL person..
playful means I love to play around.. I love to tease a girl, a boy, and whoever I'm used to.. and sometimes, I tease people too hard and I know, I will make some people angry with me...sometimes I act like I have no sense of sensitivity at all..and one more things, I LIKE to see people who are beautiful and definitely, a handsome people. and I really like to tease them. what I want to highlight here is, doesn't mean that I like to tease a girl, I like them or whatsoever that are NEGATIVE or what they called the L word.. hey..I know somehow I act like a boy, but my feeling are still towards a guy, yes..a GUY..but for me, there is no point to fall in love when you don't have any intention to marriage..that is my opinion, I don't have a time to in 'trial' relationship and yes I totally not into it..and back to what I just said, I like to tease anyone, its just don't get me wrong when I teased a girl, that I have a special feeling toward them..thats all..

#3 I CARE too much..
what I want to say is,sometimes I care too much to someone or maybe anyone and sometimes people will think that I am weird.. I know what the others think, it just that I don't tell anybody about this. and guess what..the L word is the best way other people describe me..*sigh* what more thing should I say..I don't know what to say anymore..I was stressed with all this kind of craps..yes..its a annoyed make me feel like I shouldn't get any nearer what should I do, should I transferred to an isolated land where no one is there, where the people that have been there is only me and me..hmm...I just want to ask, is it wrong for me to care??is it wrong?? or do you want me to become a robot, no feeling at all towards all the human??is that it??hmm..I don't know why, but I guessed human mentality has loss it nerves a bit.. since sometimes they will only know to judge the book by it cover eventhough they love to say, DON'T JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER. but the best word to give to them is, DO WHAT YOU SAY. don't be a people that only know how to talk, but don't know how to take action on what he/she talk.hmm.. I'm sorry if I care too much, but remember also, when I care, thats mean I really adore you..hmm..

#4 I'm a BLURRY person..
yes..I'm a blurry person.. no objection after all.. I respond a lil bit late when people ask me a question, err..for this topic, I don't know whether I should blame my nerves system or what, but seriously sometimes I take a longer time to respond to what you say or what you do and sometimes I end up to be like IGNORING on what you say or what you do. I want to make it clear here, I'M NOT ONE OF THE IGNORANT just that sometimes I take a lil time to talk to you, or answer your question when it come to a face-to-face conversation..but in texting or chatting or anything that is not a face-to-face conversation, with Allah wills, I can respond faster than a face-to-face conversation..huhu...sorry for the troubles..

fuhhh...done for now..and with Allah wills, I will update more if I was given a sufficient time to finish it okay..what I post here is to clear some misunderstand that keep on haunting me.. and I'm sorry if what I said here, make you feel offend or what..okay..forgive that all peeps.. have a blissful day..

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