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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Story for this week

*Chaotic Week*
*The week of tests and quizzes*
*Stressed up*
*Too much pain held inside*
*looking for a shoulder to lean on*
*looking for a place to cry on*
*Try to holding back*
*Try to smile a lot eventhough it hurts*
*An inner conflict happen*
*The problems piled up*
*The stress starts to monopoly the heart*
*Tears start to drops*
*Feel better*
*Says Alhamdulillah*
*Because Allah still give me a moment to replace all my mistake*
*knowing that I'm not alone*
*I have my friends who I can count on to*
*Have my family who keep on believing*
*And last but not least*
*Have Allah always by my side, protecting and guiding me to a better person*

Have a blessful day peeps!!!

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