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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Assalam peeps..!!
don't want to say much more..
watch this video..
from Komander Syafiq Fadeli..
still remembering him as one of the 'FIERCE' commander I've ever known..hehe..
but yet, I like to see his vlog since its informative, and yes..
Our fierce commander is a funny guy also..
spontaneous joke..
but it was informative..
and I enjoy how he delivered his speech..
a very huge applause to you komander!!

I know the topic is about, I'm not into just I want to share this topic after all..hehe...if you want to view his other video, you just can simply go to youtube and type his name, Syafiq Fadeli or you can also visit his blog at very informative and good for us..hehe..till then, have a blessful day peeps..=D

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