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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

small gift..=)

Assalamualaikum and haiii there peeps..!!
heee...its been awhile..
I don't have soooooo much time to update my blog..
since I have a little time,yes...only a little time to spent with my I decide to to post this..
since this week seem to be busy for me..*sigh*yeaa....a lot of work,a lot of assignment,a lot playing around..wooppsss...that is routine..heee...err....what I want to just a small gift to this particular person..heee..what??where the gift??behind you...heee...kidding...the gift is.....

simple isn't it..
it is just a picture that I took...Blurry?? phone..heeee...took this picture after last class at 6pm..hehehe..and I don't DRAW this was earlier drew by mr/mrs unknown..hehe..I just add some finishing touch to make it well..hehe..and it captivating me since this image only exist in my table..heee...when I saw this image, I remember this particular person that is currently study abroad and this is her first year study abroad..heee..great isn't it..heee...errr....hmmm...All I want to say is,I just want to wish you have a blessful year abroad, study well, achieve your dream, be strong if you have a problem,good luck for all your tests and quizzes..take a good care of your health and yourself..don't be stubborn alright..hehe..InsyaAllah we'll meet again..

till then..
good night sis..
good night peeps..
have a blessful day everyone!!!

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