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Friday, 20 January 2012

I don't know why..
but there is some emptiness in my mind..
I don't know what exactly is playing through in my mind..
too much actually..
study, personal and blablabla...

huhuhuu...I don't know why..but it seems like that my attention in studies keep on dropping..huhuhu..I don't know why..but I guess I'm becoming worse than I should..huhuhu..I don't want to disappoint my loves one, but it appears that I'm not into it anymore..huhuhu..Ya Allah..please always open my heart to grab all of Your knowledge..I don't want to keep on living these way..I want to change it..who don't want to have their own house, car, blablabla...I want that!!I really give me strength to keep on moving and learn as much as I can..Amin..

personal.. personal term..actually I don't know how to say this..but yes..its feel like there is some weird feeling keep on bothering me...I don't know why..but one thing for sure, it keep bothering me damn just make me kinda insane sometimes...huhuhu..I try not to overthink it but I will eventually think about it more than I could resist..take note, its not that 'love-love' feeling..I'm shutting my 'door' for that kind of issues for now..all I can say, its a 'unknown' feeling since I guess this is the first time I ever feel about it..huhuhu..but one thing for sure, if I keep on holding this feeling, It will distance me more with my loves one..huhuhu..I don't know how I can remove this feeling..and I hope it will disappear, since it keep me on the 'moody-moody' mood..huhuhuhu..arghhhhh!!!!bring me out!!!I want to go somewhere..ALONE!!

p/s: still hoping for a bless from the ONE..

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