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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

read it with your heart..

Ini..aku nk tujukan pada AWAK dan hanya  AWAK..
Don’t show me a HOPE when there isn’t a HOPE..
Don’t promise me ANYTHING, when there is NOTHING to be promise of..
Don’t show me a colourful RAINBOW, when you don’t even know the SKY..
Want to know something??
I cried when I see and remembering all of our make me totally sad..because it HURT,HURT,HURT me a lot…huhuhu..its the best memory u know..don’t make it history.. because it’s a great memory..and yes..painful and tearful to understand me dear..pleasee…FOR GOD SAKE, I BEG YOU..!!!I REALLY BEG YOU..!!!is it hard to understand dear??is it??I’m sorry…I never show my feeling to u..but U must know…eventhough you hurt me so much,eventhough u make me want to leave u..but do u know..everytime I lose hope on will come back,smiling and boost my spirit to continue my life with you..i will forget every scars u left to me,just for a second of your smile..see???how much you mean to me??am I stupid??am I a fool??I guess soo..huhuhu…please…don’t make me think that I’ve choose the wrong person..huhuhu..want to know??most of my friend told me,to let u go..but I u r the only one..and u will alwys be..eventhough i think its a STUPIDO action I ever done..but I tried not to regret it..but if you continue like this..I guess I'm STUPID...because I still giving you chance that suppose to be blown read it with your feel it in your heart..I don't ask for anything..but do consider me as someone alive,not someone you can past just know...huhuhu..I don't want to put any speculation to you..but do remember..I'm not a robot..I have my own feeling..I still feel please..and do always remember..I always lovee you dear..huhuhu..saya syg kmu...dari dulu,skrg dan insyaAllah smpai bila-bilaa...huhuhuh..

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