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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I'm sorry

Assalam and hi there...
hmmm..its been awhile..I hope everything is fine out there...I don't know why, but today I just want to post this little message to someone who I have known from UiTM..its not a long time meeting this person, but still, I love and care for this person since this person have teach me a lot, maybe in study and maybe in everything,so I don't know whether this particular person will read it or maybe not, but I really hope that this person read..uhh..okay..

Dear you,
its been awhile since that emotional day that might have broke you down to tears..I don't know why, but I can't stop thinking about you, it make me feel uncomfortable, sad and depressed just by knowing that I was not there with you..I can't do anything to comfort you, maybe, I've never been a good friend to just make me sad to know that I can't do anything and the last message you sent me, it just show me that, I am not a good friend to you at all..I know, you might take my apology, or you might just ignoring it..hmm...seriously, I miss all the moment that we spent together, all the laughs, all the tears, all the memories that we have spent through all the semester, not just from this semester, but since the first day I've known you..I was totally pleased to have a good friend like you, you helped me in study totally, whenever I'm lack of confidence to answer any questions, I will refer to you first.. thought me a lot my thought me a lot..and maybe because of that, I'll only share my secret with you that I've never told anyone..I really trusted you..but right now, I feel like I have disappointed you more than everything..I have broke that trust..I should stand up for you..I should be there when everything just went wrong..but I don't know, I feel like I've betrayed you..its don't make me feel good, trust me.. or maybe you will never trust me again..I will accept matter how hard, I will try to accept that..and you know what, I was thinking about runaway from UiTM right now..If you remembered, I've told you, if things doesn't go right, I want to go far away from UiTM and really how I wish I could do that..but I've lost all the reason to go away since I forgot to apply for something that will make me leave UiTM..hmmm...I hope, whenever I see you next semester, I just want everything to be fine, I just want everything to go back to normal, even it will risk our friendships, I hope your relationships with everyone will be as good as we have before..even though you don't want to see my face again, I really hope there will be a better friends that will always care for you and love you more than I love you my friend..I hope the time will heal you and you're strong and always remember, if you ever like you need some help. you've got my number, and I try to be there for you..have a good holidays, and may your life is blessed everyday.. and last but not least, I'M SORRY..

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