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Sunday, 5 February 2012


Assalam and hye there peeps!!!
wow..I guess its been awhile for me to update my blog..the spider webs is around the blog right now..hehe..joking..hehe..okay!!today I'm gonna make some synopsis about what just happen was yesterday..after a long time, I've meet my classmates in SMKP..wohh...its been a long time k..around 5 to 6 months..and we have our first meeting for this year yesterday..heee..well..I can say its an spontaneous meeting..since it was not well organised..hehe..the story begin with a plan that I've made since I guess most of my GeneRazi's classmates are here..the first plan is where I set the time to meeting up at Centre Point is 11.00am..but due to some problems, we can't make it or the most correct term is, I OVERSLEPT!!! I woke up at 11.15am!!wow..I guess thats what gonna happen if you don't sleep the plan change to 11.30am.. At that moment I was suppose to wait for miss eyrma(skema joooo) at the bustop, but suddenly my mom give me a green light to use the car to go to CP, but I must accompany her to Putatan first to buy something for her tailoring or something that connected to it..hehe.. so after that, I pick up Anis and then go to Lokkawi to pick up Hani..hehe..and we continue our journey(mcm jauh) to our destination, we arrived there around 1pm..hehe..then we met up with Aldi, Auni and Atirah..hehe..and not longer after that, safwan join us..hehe... I still remembered when one of them said,"awal juga jam11 kamu ne"hehe..and we just answer,"biasa..jam GeneRazi kn bgini"hehehe..sorry..its all because of me..hehehe..then we met with kamalia and she join us hang out..hehe..After that we go to MacD to fulfill our hunger..yes..I'm we eat, talk, eat again, laugh, eat again, talk, laugh again and it goes on and on..hehe..after that we capture some moment together thanks to miss Hani's DSLR..hehe..after that, as usual, we goes to 8th floor to purchase some tickets to watch a movies, since mr.Aldi so eagerly want to watch 'CHRONICLES',so we follow his choices to watch it, the movies start at 3.40pm so we goes to Popular to brainstorm our mind with some books..hahaha..but actually we aren't really reading there, since we just roaming around looking for books and peoples..hehe..and after that we enter the hall..and guess what..the movies start late..ehehe..yes..around 20minutes..and most of us say"Aldi, syok tul wyg kau ne..mmg 'BEST'.."hahahaha..if I can snap Aldi face at that moment, it was totally hilarious..hehe..well for me, it is hilarious..hehe..and after most of the customers keep on complaining about the lateness of the movies, the screen change it colour to black, we thought it was about to begin, but after that, still no movie have been showed, the crowd getting hotter, and finally the movie are successfully shown at the screen..hehe..errr...a review about the movie???hmmm..honestly for me, its a GOOD movies IF and only IF the story is infused with more dramatic was sad, since the effect is totally amazing but the story line is kinda lame for me..huhu..honestly, its a flat movies..huhuhu..fortunately, I buy the ticket with a discount thanks to my student card..hehe..after that, we capture a few moments together before we leaving to Tg.Aru beach for seeing the sunsets..hehehe.. and after we arrive there, I was like..'wow,tourists!!'yes..many tourists were there..especially from Korean..hehe..then we try to contact Anis to know where they are exactly..and guess what, they were at the other sides of the beach, so we go and meet up them at the other side of the beach.. and on our ways to go there, we met er..this 'couple'..hmm..I don't know whether I should call them a couple or what..since they were both a guys, but suddenly this other guy, just glances and grunt toward us..and I was like,"err..what the fish..jealous??" and I ask Hani,"Kau dgr tu ani??" and Hani says "Biarlah dia, dia jealous tu..sbb kita perempuan, dia jadian" and I burst into laugh..hahaha..yes..we have what he don't have..hahaha..=D...and after that, we met up and capture a few moments there, crazy moment actually..hehe..after that, we goes back home..hehe..I was totally tired yesterday, and I don't know why, but my head was spinning and my leg was totally hurt at that moment and it keep on hurting right now..huhu..I don't know what exactly happen to my leg, and now my right forefinger is in bruise..weird..I really don't remember a thing..huhuhu..but nevermind that, hope I'm getting better before wednesday..ehem2..without any further delay, I present you the pictures and enjoy seeing it k!!heee..peace and have a blissful day k peeps!!=)

the nice one..=D
xtaw pn time ne kna ambil gmbr..hehe
The sunset..=D
mmg kanak2 riang sblh aku ne..hehe
heee...terserlah sikap kanak-kanak riang..
sbab ada 'flash'

comel kan..heee..=D

our feet!!teka mna kaki aku..hehe

err...ani yg suh gambar, jdi ikut kata fotografer jala..hehe
smart kn..mcm kena edit..
Aldi & Auni

some of the spontaneous pose
Aldi & Auni

cara2 menyanyikan lagu yg betul..=D
Berdua lebih baik..(^_^)
Me & Ani 
kami lah tu..
Azera & Hani


another picts of us..

pling ku sukaaa.!!!=D
ne smart..blh buat poster c ani ckp..
p/s:poster apa ani??kempen marilah ke beach??
we are the kidalz!!=D

Another spontaneous pose..
p/s:sptutnya aku tgk tmpat laen,bru la smart..
hahaha..xtaw pn tym ne kna gmbr..
maen smbarang jak pose..


Objective:to get Aldi annoyed..
method: do something ridiculous
'saya giveup dgn mereka' mungkin dlm hati Aldi gne..hehe
p/s:mission accomplished..Ani, kta berjaya..=D
prasan x muka aldi mcm mna..hahaha..auni saksinyaaa..hehe,..

kami punya ketua kelas & penolongnya..
p/s:tgk gmbr yg sterusnya..heee..
hahahaha..tuu diaaaa..!!
yg kat blkg tu pling manang..
smpat menghancurkan gambar mereka berdua..
(Safwan & Anis)
yg kt blkg: Aldi
p/s:sabar yaa safwan..=D
model of the week..
Mr Aldi..
(rambut ala-ala korea & org pling byk interfrem gmbr)

heee..sdg mengukir sesuatu..

Last but not least..

For All the GENERAZI..this is for you..=D

p/s:waiting for the next outing..

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