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Friday, 12 August 2011

A note for him..=(

You gone..
from my life..
its been a years..
but I still loving you..
Its hurt..
but I keep on waiting..
I fell into my own sadness..
its hurt..
just by knowing I ever meet you..
you make my life in miser a long time ago..
but still I keep on waiting..
I want to see the OLD you..
I want to be in love with the guy that I know 7 years ago,
the guy who always spent time with me,
the guy who inspired me to create poem,
since he like to create poem,
the guy who love to sing a 90s song,
and he introduce me this song to me,
;Taman Astakona'
That the song that refer my feeling toward him right now..
that the guy that I've been longing for a long time..
when I see you face in a photo of mine..
I wish I could had the same man..
The one exactly look and behave like the one in the photo..
I guess..
Situation change you to someone..
that seem to be stranger to me..
someone that I don't know anymore..
sometimes I'm wondering..
why would you give me hope..
when you will break it to pieces..
you make me happy for awhile..
but you hurt me for almost entire of my life..
its hurt...
because you make me fall for you..
you left me like..
its HURT..
I love you..
because you give me a chance for me to be in love again..
you are the second after my first love..
but I love you seriously much more than my first..
cuz I've been in love with you since we are in secondary school
Its crazy isn't it..
and yes..
suppose to be..
you are my first love..
no use for me to talk like this..
since you gonna be own by somebody after this..
I just want to say,
Thank you for all the memory that we spent..
I'm sorry if I don't treat you well
its just I'm not perfect..
take care of your future wife
be happy with your life partner
don't hurt her..
the way you hurt me..
and the way you hurt other girls..
I must be strong..
I don't want to be thrown by my sadness..
so I hope that..
I can forget and forgive all your mistake..
and forget and forgive my mistake also..
so that I will be much more relax with the situation..
I will always pray for you..
and if can..
be the guy that I used to love
not the guy that I learn to hate
you change from good to bad..
please don't change to worse
its crazy..
but I'm still in love with you..
what is going on to me..
cuz I still loving you..
eventhough its just a bit..
but sometimes..
its killing me..
thanks for everything k..
our story end..
missing you..
~Ivan Nicholas~
this is the song that he always sung when he was with me..

Taman Astakona

Umpama mimpi ku kecap kenangan
Taman permainan masa kecil dulu
Sisip senyum mu
Kemanisan tanpa gula
Meninggalkan seribu keresahan

Kala gerimis menitis di hati
Kenangan lenyap tanpa sedar
Mungkinkah ada lagi
Saat saat indah itu
Agar dapat kita bersama lagi

Dalam kelam engkau datang
Memujuk hati yang sepi
Dalam terang engkau hilang entah ke mana
Andai kata hanya mimpi
Mengusik kenangan silam
Mengapa hangat tangan mu ku terasa
Namamu kuukir di pohon di tepi taman
Sebagai hiasan lambang cinta yang terlarang
Semoga kau terlihat tika melintasi taman
Sebagai tanda percintaan abadi
Ataupun pada malam
Namun nan cahaya purnama menyuluh
Ukiran yang memanggil sejuta seri
Yang menghias taman ini
Penuh dengan cahaya misteri
Kekosongan hingga ia

Harumnya mawar menyulam asmara
Harum cempaka kesayuan
Di taman astakona yang tiba-tiba menyepi
Mungkinkah akan begini selamanya

goodbye by,,
gonna forget you start from now..
its hard but still I must do it..
happy always k..

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